Tuesday, March 8, 2011


It's been a whirlwind of a month and suddenly I find myself sitting quietly, after the rush and enjoying a pause. I even went to the gym this week! Twice! **pat myself on the back**

Last week I put together the brightest macaron tree I've made so far and I think it's my favourite. It was for a moroccan themed wedding shower so the orange and the red were just two colours of the dessert table being designed. Since the bride loves salted caramel macarons so much, the whole tower was graced with just that.

I started Lemon Tree just over a year ago and have been strategically placing my table in your path every Saturday at the Market in order to tempt you into satisfying your sweet tooth.

Apparently it worked. I've gone from making a few dozen macarons and various other treats (I started from very humble beginnings) each Saturday, to having to stock several hundred macarons for any given Saturday and I am almost always sold out by the end of each day. What a blessing! And, amazingly, I keep busy during the week too. Orders have been flowing in and macarons have been flying out of the patisserie faster than I can believe.

This means, however, with my work week full of baking, that upon finding myself graced with a free day I'm often not willing to relinquish it to another day of baking even if it is just for fun. So I bake and eat dessert vicariously through the network of amazing bloggers that I follow. I've compiled a (long) wish-list of recipes and ideas that are inspired by them that I will eventually dig into.

Today I have a major craving for cinnamon buns after reading what Rosie of Sweetapolita has been making this week. Add that to my list. Check!

photo courtesy of sweetapolita

And to tell you the truth, my pause has rendered me lazy. I don't quite know what flavours of macarons should be on the market menu this week so I'll get back to you with that when I've snapped out of my daze.


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