Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Chocolate PB & Cherry Blossom Market Menu - 12 March

Chocolate. Peanutbutter. Cherry blossoms.

Wait.... what?

While the first two make a stellar combination, I can't say the natural next step is to cherry blossoms, it's true.

In my last post I mentioned a serious craving for cinnamon buns. I'm still craving them and just a general range of sweet and yummy comfort foods that winter and dreary, cold weather inspire. We are having our share of it (cold, dreary weather, that is).

Sitting at the top of my favourite comfort food list are both chocolate and peanut butter. Not just chocolate on it's own, and certainly not just peanut butter, but the perfect collaboration of the two joined in peaceful and harmonious bliss.

In fact, this is not just a winter fixation of mine. The choc. PB matchup works at all times of the year. Chocolate PB s'mores over a July campfire, PB filled chocolate easter eggs in April, and chocolate PB fudge at the Royal Winter Fair are just a few examples of the year-round applicability.

So, while the cravings that cold weather inspires are the perfect excuse to indulge, I'm at odds with my winter appetite and my deep desire for it to be spring. Now. I think I hear the sound of agreement from you, yes?

This brings me to the reason for the progression from chocolate peanut butter to cherry blossoms.

In other parts of the world, some near and some far, March marks the beginning of cherry blossom season (yes, St. Patrick's day is an important part of the month too, but green's not my colour). I don't usually get to see a significant display of cherry blossoms in Toronto so I'm always amazed by the beautiful display each spring in Japan when the trees look as though they are coated in pink spun sugar.

I came across an unforgettable blog post last year by the talented Aran Goyoaga of Cannelle et Vanille and the image of her cherry blossom macarons has been with me ever since. So without hesitation, this week's macaron colours were decided and because of my comfort food cravings, the flavours easily followed.

photo courtesy of Aran Goyoaga & Cannelle et Vanille

While I was happily piping pink, copper, and brown macaron shells today I also came across the latest post from Jess of Allora Handmade. I guess we can expect to be seeing more of these colours this year. I'm okay with that.

And, of course, the chocolate peanut butter cake pops had to be decorated in suitable fashion as well. If these make it to the market before I eat them all, it will be a miracle.

This week's Market Menu, therefore, is a result of my desperation for warmer weather and hopefully it brings you some comforting flavours that will tide you over until those cherry blossoms bloom.

In the meantime, I am still really craving those cinnamon buns. There's only one thing for it.


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