Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Market Menu - 5 March

Hi There,

Happy March!

I know, I know - shame on me for skipping the Market Menu last week. The days just keep flying by and they all seem to be filled with wedding events. Either I'm attending a wedding, baking for a wedding, or attending and baking for a wedding! It's got my head spinning. And I didn't think it was even wedding season yet. When spring rolls around, the bridal bonanza will only intensify. Last week, I was wrapped up in putting together a macaron tree and other treats for an engagement party. This week I'm scheduled for another tree, but this time for a bridal shower. I've also been experimenting with the traditional look of macaron trees. What do you think about a macaron pop tree??

Sometimes, when I've had my nose to the grindstone for too long, I need to get out of the kitchen and freshen up my brain. Inspiration is everywhere and it's good exercise to channel different mediums into new dessert ideas. One of my favourite places to browse is the fabric store. Give me a barrel of ends and I'll dig for an hour! Last week I needed just that kind of escape so I checked out of the Patisserie for a couple hours and perused through aisles of bolts.

I used to spend hours envisioning the next outfit I was going to sew together. These days my brain is on a one-track mission to beautify dessert tables and find new ideas for cakes and cookies. I'm on the hunt for anything from bold graphics and eye popping colours, to subtle prints and dainty laces. An entire table scheme can be elaborated and embellished from the smallest detail of a great fabric. And it can provide a good starting point to inspire individual treats.

I was not disappointed in the hunt. I collected an armful of colourful (and sparkly!) fabrics, each one inspiring a different vision of sugar and sweetness. Some of them won't show up at the Market for a while - I've got some summery ideas in the works. But at least one is the inspiration for a table I'll be putting together in the next couple weeks.

And of course, the Market Menu is ready for this weekend. Hopefully it inspires you to make the trip to the St. Lawrence and indulge in some treats.

Have a great week and see you at the Market!


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