Friday, February 11, 2011

Love is in the Air...

Or is it flour in my hair?? Actually it's a bit of both. I've just slumped down into a nice comfy easy chair after finishing a huge week of baking and preparations for Valentine's Day. I really went all out this year - the inspiration bug bit and what else can you do but treat it? With cookies and macarons and petit fours! Oh my!

On top of the regular agenda of whipping, mixing, folding, beating, and baking, I also snipped, glued, stuffed, and punched (paper, that is - not people) in order to specially package all these treats so that you can give that special gift to that special someone for Valentine's Day. I had so much fun!

And I'm not alone. Twitter has been buzzing with so many amazing Valentine ideas that it's been hard to stay focussed. For example Cherry Lamingtons by Whisk Kid, and All of This from Bakerella. But Valentine's Day isn't just about cakes, cookies, and chocolate.... Well mostly it's about that, but take a look at this table for two by Desiree Spinner Events, and this animated valentine by Tiger in a Jar. I played this over and over again while I danced around the patisserie. Like I said - hard to stay focussed.

Amidst the chaos that ensued in the LT Patisserie this week, I managed to take some photos to share with those of you who are just too far away to make it down to the St. Lawrence this weekend.

I have to say that my favourite finds were these die-cut stickers from the Martha Stewart collection. They really brought all the packaging together with just a little extra touch of love.

The popcorn boxes came together beautifully and I loaded them full of individually wrapped macarons. I've always loved the way amaretti is wrapped up like bon bons at Christmas and macarons look just as pretty all wrapped up too.

I can't wait to see these sugar cookies hanging on the display board tomorrow!

Everyone else seems to be sending out "happy Friday" wishes, but for me the week all leads up to Saturday! I'll be up bright and early to get down the market and put the table together. So Happy Friday to you, but I'm looking forward to a full day tomorrow and then a bit of down time after such a crazy week. To tell you the truth, the perfect Valentine's Day for me would be a day at home with my husband, watching movies and staying warm. I'm a simple girl.

Enjoy your romance (and sweets) this Valentine's Day!


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