Monday, February 14, 2011

Je T'aime le Marche

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up on Saturday to pick up their Valentine's treats! The market was bustling even as I arrived early in the morning and it wasn't long before I had put together a pretty little display.

It's energizing to be in the midst of the crowd on a Saturday morning. Most of you stop to say hi and I get to meet some pretty great people. This week my family decided to surprise me by coming down to see (and taste) the treats too. I felt so loved! My dad's sweet tooth got the better of him and he left with a box of petit fours.

And some of you who stopped by later in the afternoon would have been served by my very own mom who came down to help me out.

Next week I'll be attending a dear friend's wedding on Saturday so I won't be at the market myself. However, my mom has graciously offered to fill in for me, so make sure to stop and say hi to her if you're passing by. She's one of the sweetest women I know.

And my Valentine's Day? Well it's still going on right now, but so far it's consisted of a heart-shaped banana pancake breakfast and a "get out of folding laundry" coupon which I immediately cashed in! Later today (though it's pretty gray) we're heading to the Colonel Sam Smith skating trail so hopefully it doesn't rain on us while we're enjoying the scenery by the lake. Then we'll come back home and cozy up for a movie. No fancy dinner necessary.

Love and chocolate from me to you today!


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