Friday, March 9, 2012

Waiting, waiting... a mother of an update!

So it's definitely been a long time since I posted here. I'm fickle about my enthusiasm for blogging. But since it's been a couple months since I've seen anyone from the market, I thought an update might interest you.

For those of you who aren't from Toronto or don't already know that I used to be at the St. Lawrence every Saturday, the backstory is that I closed down Lemon Tree for maternity leave in January.

Well, I'm still pregnant.

photo credit Rachel Baker-Hall

But don't let that little bump fool you. I'm even more pregnant than that now. That was taken back in February. This baby still has another week (and a few days) before she's expected. But as soon as March 20th rolls around, my little girl better prove to be punctual. I've already issued the eviction notice. No more growing in there!

You must be wondering "what the heck have you been doing since January if that baby's not here yet?!" Good question. I've been busy! As soon as I packed up all my baking equipment and cleared out my market supplies, Husband and I got to work on the nursery. Walls painted, furniture refinished, lots of little projects to keep me occupied.

The before pics:

And now:

Whew! That was a long process. There are still a few little things I'm putting together that will hopefully be complete before she arrives. A shelf above the change table and some more pictures on the wall. Namely this one that I made, but I'd like to add her name above the bunnies and maybe her birthday when we know what it is.

What else have I been doing? Yes, there's more! Good friends of ours are also pregnant (and in fact having their little girl as I write this!), but they didn't want to have a baby shower. A few of us decided that was unacceptable so we threw them a little party anyway just to tell them we love them. I designed the cake for the occasion. I decided there had to be ruffles.

 And a sketchy shot of the surprise inside.

Of course, my amazing friends and family threw me an incredible baby shower! I felt so loved.

Gorgeous table! Those bird houses are now in the nursery. Thanks Rachel!

So much love and work went into these treats

Customized refreshments

My beautiful older sister put hours into helping to organize this!

My adorable nephew (wouldn't have been a baby shower without kids there, I say!) 
Rachel's super-baby. Seriously, this kid is almost always happy! I'm hanging around them often to encourage ours to be as calm!

This is closer to how pregnant I look. 
My beautiful mom who also put all her love into helping organize this shower. 

Me & my mother-in-law

Brooke  & Rachel (Rachel the creative genius with the super-baby)

Me & Sarah (Sarah makes me cake - hers is the only chocolate cake I love more than mine)

Opening gifts was SO much fun! I'll never get tired of tiny baby things. Flip flops!? LOVE 
Pink pink & pink! Hope we actually ARE having a girl or else I feel sorry for our little boy who will be dressed all in pink.

Have to have a Sofie

And little sunglasses! See, I'll never get tired of it!

Well that was just about three months worth of updates! But if you were curious about what I've been up to, consider yourself filled in.

I miss all of you at the Market and it's nice to hear you've been asking after me. I wish I had a baby to show you pictures of, but we'll just all have to be patient. And don't worry: my mother-in-law will be among the first on the scene when this little girl arrives and she'll have the first of the first photos to show you at the market shortly after.

Can't wait!


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