Thursday, March 15, 2012

39 Weeks and Nested

Well, it's official: I am finished my nesting!
Last weekend Husband and I bustled around our home, finishing off the last of the organizing and cleaning this place from top to bottom. It involved some Ikea furniture assembly - we desperately needed book shelves to store all the books that have been sitting in boxes since we cleared out the nursery. I'm so relieved we got that done and I love the way our living room looks now. It makes me want to just sit and read. Guess I should take advantage of the quiet time around here while it lasts.

Husband the handyman.

When I finally plunked myself down (I'm not so graceful these days in my sitting) at the end of our frenzy, thoroughly exhausted, I had a sense of completion and an even deeper sense of "home". Sure, there are a few little things that are left unfinished, but they're aesthetic and they can wait for now.

Since then, I've felt a strong urge to be at home and just rest. Even the little squirt seems to have quieted down. I think she knows it's almost time. Now we conserve our energy. There are just 5 days left until her due date!

With no projects and no plans standing between us and meeting our little girl, it all feels a little more real. I had my first moment of nervousness about being a mom. Just a little "oh my gosh, I'm going to be holding a precious little life in my hands soon" moment. And then mostly I was just excited.

I haven't been photo-documenting the growth of my bump, but I thought it would be neat to at least have a record of how big I got overall. Every day I tell my bellybutton "you can't possibly stretch any further" and every day this little one inside me says "just a little more space, please". It's an ongoing battle we face. Hopefully this is as big as I get!

39 weeks pregnant. 5 days until the due date!

In my nesting frenzy I also decided it would be a good idea to look into cloth diapering. I made a trip to Diaper-eez for a demonstration and to ask a hundred questions ("so what do you do with the poo, anyway?"), watched several videos on YouTube and, to Husband's dismay, I got hooked on the idea and signed up for a diaper service. Am I crazy? Maybe.

When the cloths arrived from the service I gave Husband a demonstration on a little stuffed elephant like I had seen in the videos I watched. Piece of cake - he'll be fine...

The plan is to use the service for the first couple months when we're the most stretched for energy and time. Then I'll take over the washing myself, eventually. That way we can test out the system without buying all the accessories first. If we like it, then we'll stick with it. And look how cute the little covers are! I'm a sucker for cute and tiny baby things.

Rolled cloth diapers & wipes, diaper cream (cloth friendly), baby powder, dirty diaper travel bag, and look at the cute little covers! I'm set.

Snappis - an accessory I would never have dreamed of needing until I got into all this diaper stuff.

It mostly appeals to me because of the cost saving factor (the cost is all up front when you buy the covers, inserts, storage pails, etc. and then all that can last for more than one baby if you do it right), and because I've heard that kids in cloth diapers tend to potty train earlier than disposable diapered kids. The disposable diapers draw so much moisture away from the skin that babies can't even feel that they're wet, which is a drawback when you begin to teach them to recognize when they need to go. 

I also like the idea of putting less waste into landfills. And something I didn't know before looking into all this is that technically throwing dirty diapers into the garbage or compost isn't allowed anyway. No human waste is supposed to make it to the landfill, it's not safe. You're supposed to clear the waste into the toilet before you throw away a diaper anyway! So, knowing that, the way I see it is signing up for a diaper service could be even easier than disposable diapers. With the service, they do all the dirty work. I just have to throw the cloths into a bin and they pick them up each week and take care of the rest.

This is all good in theory, but let's see how well we do in practice, hmmm? Do any of you have experience with cloth diapers? I'm expecting it to be a little more challenging than the disposable route, but am I underestimating what's involved?

Bet you didn't know you were going to be reading about diapers when you clicked this link! Thanks for sticking around.


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