Friday, April 15, 2011

Vacation and Market Menu


 The following images may incite feelings of jealousy and wistfulness. The content of this post may not be suitable for those under the influence of winter and should be avoided if the reader has no access to sunshine within the next 2 hours. Should you notice symptoms of desperate longing for warm weather after reading, click here for the cure. Continue reading at your own risk.
Last week Husband and I went on a much needed vacation. After six months of Toronto winter we were sun-thirsty so we booked a cruise with a group of friends and set off to relax. We experienced lots of this..... 

It was glorious. From Miami we set forth to discover new islands in the west Caribbean. Clearly we were not the only ones. The cruise ship we were on was HUGE and spring break must have enticed many families to choose the same route so we were never short of company.
But since we brought along our own group of fantastic friends we were a happy little crew of cuisers. hahaha....... maybe only I laughed at that one?
The food was great, the weather was perfect, and the company was even better!
When we returned home (a little more bronze, a little more happy) I hit the ground running and haven't stopped to relax since! Not only was there a mountain of laundry that always seems to mark the end of any vacation, but the patisserie has been booking up with wedding orders and I fell straight back into the middle of one this week. *whew*

I'll be back at the market tomorrow as usual (a little more bronze, a little more happy) with an array of macarons, of course. Since I've been focussed on a wedding this week though, I recommend you arrive early Saturday morning to  get the full selection of flavours. The quantities are limited!

Market Menu


salted caramel
vanilla bean
earl grey
chocolate pistachio

Cake Pops
chocolate cake with a mocha frosting 
coated in chocolate

See you tomorrow!


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