Friday, April 22, 2011

Not A Typical Easter.

 I have to admit that for the last week or two I have not been thinking about Easter. I haven't been stocking up on foil-wrapped chocolate eggs; I haven't been gluing cotton ball bunny tails on any crafty-type easter projects; I haven't even been staying up to date with my favourite blogs where I know the easter-inspired baking will keep me entertained for hours. Strangely enough, even church has not been preparing me for the festivities - not a palm frond was to be found at last week's Sunday service. How does one celebrate Palm Sunday without palm fronds?? So far this has not been a typical Easter. Sunday is yet to come.

I have, however, been spending every waking hour in the patisserie, baking and turning out cakes, macarons, cupcakes and all sorts of confections. Last week it was a wedding. This week it was the grand opening of Petite& Sweet in Toronto and macarons are always in demand there. And to adorn the sweets tables, a couple of gorgeous meringue towers were put together as well.

When all the dust settled from these events, I finally turned my attention to the occasion at hand and egg-pops were the result of my efforts. They make me smile. Each is a vanilla cake with a caramel frosting coated in Callebaut chocolate. Delicious. It feels a little more Eastery already.

And of course this weeks macarons are bound to inspire some reverence:

Market Menu


lemon meringue
milk chocolate passion fruit
vanilla bean
brandy chestnut
salted caramel


Vanilla Caramel 
Easter Cake Pops

See you tomorrow at the market


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